Nike Air Max Scorpion Flyknit

Nike Air Max Scorpion Flyknit

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  2. Colorway : Black university red

Nike brings a “new version” of the Nike Air Max Scorpion sneakers for fall, thick soles and increased cushioning dad shoes

As a new shoe with the “maximum volume air cushion”, this wave of official accessories is afraid of attracting pink people. The biggest highlight of the entire pair of shoes is that they are equipped with tactile upper leggings, which instantly changes the texture of the entire pair of shoes. Out, the entire foot is covered to the bottom of the shoelace hole and the entire rear is surrounded. It can be said that it is easy to wrap the entire ankle that is exposed on the outside. The material is made of windproof and waterproof material, which is the material of the functional jacket, which can effectively ensure the dryness and warmth of the feet. Details such as zippers, fastening buckles, and straps also add to the functional style, and the entire length of the leggings also extends from the instep to the knee. The end aspect is consistent with the shoe style. This time, the new low-drainage khaki color is used to show people, supplemented by white and blue to expand the shoe body.

The side Swoosh and midsole have obvious metallic silver depressions to enhance the overall visual effect.

Currently, this new pair of Nike Air Max Scorpion will be officially released in 2023. No pricing information has been released yet. We will continue to pay attention and will provide follow-up reports as soon as possible.

Item number: FD4612-001

Coding: MKDC0917

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